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  • Connect with other attendees.
  • Set up on-site meetings.
  • Map out your iGNA experience.

iGNA’s delegates told us they wanted a better means of networking with fellow attendees. So we did our homework and…. Presdo!

We discovered a great online networking tool to help you determine who’s attending and reach out to them to meet. Called Presdo Match, it was designed by one of the co-founders of LinkedIn so they clearly know how to create a useful tool.

Unless a registrant opts out (and few are doing so), Presdo Match sends you a welcome letter upon registration. It offers you a way to use your LinkedIn profile to easily populate your iGNA profile or you can customize your profile just for this event.

You can do your work ahead of the conference while you plan your efforts to meet up or you can do so on-site with the mobile app. Either way, you’ll not find a more effective or easier way to network your way through this event.

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